Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jamel Davis- Blog assignment one- about me

My name is Jamel Davis, I am 28 years old.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I have two brothers and eight sisters.  I am also a proud father of three daughters; Kayla Davis- 5years old, Kiana Davis- 4 years old & Kalliah Davis- 2 years old. During my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my family, creating music, watching CNN, reading and helping people as much as I can.   
 I am currently attending LaGuardia community college, my major is liberal arts- social science.  I decided to register for ENG 274 because I have always enjoyed the possibilities which can come to life as a result of being creative and innovative.  Throughout my life, I have written several poems, written numerous songs; and continue to explore the realm of screenwriting. Just a few days ago, I glanced through a poetry book called “Tupac Legacy” which explores some of the most prolific writing pieces of this late, great iconic rapper/culture figure. One of his writings is called “A wonder if heaven got a ghetto.”  While reading, my emotions were just something I couldn’t explain, I was inspired, I could relate to his messages because I came from a similar background, a similar struggle, and we share the same endless pains and the same spirit of hope.

I will definitely make sure I picked up a copy of his book, and I will continue to write, continue to bring the pictures of despair and lifelessness to life in hopes of a better tomorrow- Thank you, Tupac R.I.P